What's Included?

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    1. Our Journey to PROTECT

    2. Introduction to Human Trafficking

    3. Interactive Activity: Definitions

    4. Recognizing Labor Trafficking & Sex Trafficking

    5. Interactive Activity: Who are the Traffickers?

    6. Hear from a Survivor

    7. Interactive Activity: Grooming

    8. The Role of Technology in Exploitation

    9. Interactive Activity: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

    10. Interactive Activity: Trauma Bonding

    11. Using a Trauma-informed Approach

    12. Knowledge Check

    13. Interactive Activity: Barriers in Identifying Human Trafficking

    14. Identifying Red Flags

    15. Interactive Activity: What Do You Look For?

    16. Human Trafficking Red Flags

    17. Reporting Suspected Human Trafficking

    18. Interactive Activity: Human Trafficking Hotline

    19. Reflection Story

    20. Mindfulness Activity

    1. Meet Your Liaison from 3SGF

    2. Coordinate a Presentation

    3. Preview the Presentation

    4. Program & Curriculum Overviews

    1. All 3SGF Programs & Services

    2. Free Educational Webinars

    3. Join Our Office Hours

    4. Social Media Posts

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